Tavern Menu

Food Description Price €
Tzatziki with cocumber and carot Appetizers -
Taramosalata (dip from fish eggs and bread) Appetizers -
Garlic dip made by potatoes Appetizers -
Aubergine salad Appetizers -
Αnchovies marinaded Appetizers -
Boiled octopus in salad with vinegar Appetizers -
Local Olivies (2 types) Appetizers -
Kalitsounia – Cretan pies with cheese or with greens or with greens and cheese (pieces 4) Appetizers -
Deep fried feta and cheese in filo pastry Appetizers -
Grilled feta with tomato, onion, pepper and oregano Appetizers -
Meat pie with lamb, yogurt, local cheese and mint Appetizers -
Fried potatoes with origano Appetizers -
Baked potato with milk butter and sage Appetizers -
Cretan salad (tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, peppers, onions, cretan cheese, backed bread, kapary, sundried tomato) Salads -
Green salad with lola, arugula, spinach, fresh onion, graviera and molasses Salads -
Dakos (baked bread,squeezed tomato, cretan cheese, olives) Salads -
Beetroots with garlic and perslay Salads -
Boiled seasonal greens Appetizers -
Grilled zucchini, aubergine, peppers with molasses and mizithra (local cheese) Appetizers -
Stuffed zucchini flowers with rise and yogurt Appetizers -
Pumpkin crockets (pieces7) Appetizers -
Okra (gumbo) in red sauce Appetizers -
Snails with rosmary Appetizers -
Traditional sausages with local herds Appetizers -
Smoked Pork with sage and peppers in the pan Appetizers -
Pork fillet (tenderloin) marinated in thyme and wine with baked potato From the Grill -
Pork steak with baked potato and greens From the Grill -
Grilled meatballs with fried potatoes From the Grill -
Grilled meatballs stuffed with feta cheese with fried potatoes From the Grill -
Vegetable burger (aubergine, zucchini and carot) From the Grill -
Smoked Pork with Rosemary, baked potato and local cream cheese From the Grill -
Chicken fillet with green salad, local cream cheese and molasses From the Grill -
Lamb chops with baked potato and greens From the Grill -
Local Spaghetti with vegetables and graviera Spaghetti -
Local spaghetti with local white cheese Spaghetti -
Fishes A’ From the sea -
Sardine grilled From the sea -
Fish fried or grilled (portion) From the sea -
Bream grilled From the sea -
Tomcod with garlic dip (frozen) From the sea -
Calamari fried fresh From the sea -
Grilled Calamari with garlic From the sea -
Octopus grilled From the sea -
Stuffed cuttlefish grilled (frozen) From the sea -
Mussels steamed (frozen) From the sea -
Grilled shrimps fresh or frozen From the sea -
Small fresh shrimps fried From the sea -
Shrimps spaghetti From the sea -
Tunafish grilled From the sea -
Swordfish grilled From the sea -
Seafood with mussels and shrimps Risotto -